Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rolling and Laughing

Ashtyn can only sleep well if she is swaddled, and lately she has to be double swaddled! I think I sleep better knowing she is double swaddled because there does not seem to be any possible way that she could roll around and move while in this semi-petrified state. I was COMPLETELY wrong. I woke up about 6 AM, yesterday morning, to find that my baby had gone from laying normal in her crib to shimmying 90 degrees, but still in her back! My child is a magician! I moved her back to her original position, stuck her paci back in her mouth and we both went back to sleep. This was only the first surprise for me on her 3 month birthday. Come 7AM, I wake up and start getting ready for work. Usually arond 7:30 I feed her and put her back to bed til about 8AM. From 8 til 8:30 it's Mommy and Baby time. I was busy lotioning her up under her neck when she started to smile. I started to tickle her more and she LAUGHED! More like cackled, but it was amazing. I was so sad to have to get her ready for daycare because I could have played with her all day long. I live to hear my baby laugh and see her smile. I love being a mom.

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  1. So sweet! I love it when they first start laughing and giggling. But you would be surprised how much a baby can move, even when bound up like that. Lizzi once shimmied her way across the length of her crib. And, I remeber laying Maddi on the floor for just a moment to run back and get her toy. She had swiveled around and scooted about 3 feet, in just those few seconds.