Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Fan

I had today off, so Ashtyn and I were able to spend all day together. She slept so well for me last night. We were both up around 7. I fed her and changed her. We sang our ABC's. I thought I was really making her smile, when I realized it wasn't my singing. She was stairing at our fan. Unfortunately my current fan does not work. She would look at me and then look back at the fan and would just smile so big! But when the fan wouldn't turn she would start to cry. It was so sad! We ended up going to the neighbors so that I could do laundry and she could watch the fan. Who needs to buy expensive toys when a fan does the job just right! Her new room has a fan so I was given the idea that maybe I should just turn her fan into a GIANT mobile. I may just do that. I'll keep it posted on how things turn out in the next few days after we move.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our First Blog

Ashtyn will be 10 weeks old tomorrow! She is changing so drastically right in front of our eyes! She loves to smile, to stand up and push off of my tummy or legs, she loves when her daddy dances with her, and she LOVES patty cake!
Matt and I were giving her a bath last night and she was trying to turn over from her back to her front right on the counter! No more leaving her for even a split second.
During family dinner we laid her down under her Baby Einstein play thing. She smiled so big while looking up at the little sun that changes colors and plays music. I don't even get that big of a smile yet! I must be doing something wrong. I bet she will love clowns though.
Ashtyn and I are getting ready to move to a bigger house. She will get her own room and have a fan to look and laugh at. We are very excited!
Matt will be in Riverton all week and I love that he will get to see her everyday. It really makes Ashtyn happy to see and hear her daddy on a daily basis. Maybe he will take us swimming soon! Ashtyn has her swimming suits all ready!