Wednesday, August 25, 2010


My baby girl is so lucky to have grandparents in town. Pam, her grandmother, picks her up from daycare on the days that I work. They always have lots of fun. Last night was no exception. When I stopped by to pick her up, everyone was hanging out on the back porch. They were just playing music and singing and dancing. Ashtyn LOVES music and just stared at her Grandpa Nick while he sang to her. After a good 30 minutes of chit chatting and dancing we decided to take the party inside. Pam was making Salmon. If Ashtyn were anything like me she would turn her nose up at it. But no. This child is NOTHING like me. So of course, when offered some salmon, she tried it. She seemed to have a funny face at first, but kept eating it! I am not 100% how great Salmon is for a 7 month old, but you could not get her to stop. She definately liked it. I told Pam that she will be 2, going through the Wendy's drive through, asking for Crab Legs and Salmon instead of a kids meal! Oh well, we shall see what kind of a monster we have made when she gets older! But I wouldn't trade her for anything.

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