Monday, May 24, 2010

What a week!

Ashtyn turned 4 months old on the 20th. To celebrate, we went to Thermopolis and swam in the hot springs. Ashtyn loved it! I was surprised she lasted for over an hour. I bought her a boogy board that has a hole in the top for her head and stretchy material that held her up from the bottom. She was able to float around and kick her little feet. Although it took about an hour to get there, and she only swam for about an hour, it was definitely worth it!
Today was her 4 month check up. Since she has not been sleeping through the night, I asked the Dr if she could start on cereal. He said it was fine, just to feed her from a spoon instead of putting it in her bottle. I tried that tonight, but she hated it! After every spoonful of cereal, I had to put her pasi in her mouth so she would suck it down. I cross my fingers that she will get the hang of the cereal thing soon. It sure would be nice if she would go back to sleeping through the night!
While at the Dr's she also got 2 shots. When the nurse came in, Ashtyn smiled so big at her. The nurse just looked at her and told her that she would not be smiling for much longer. I love my Dr, but the nurses and the front desk ladies are HORRIBLE! The nurse STABBED Ashtyn in her cute little legs, and my poor girl just wailed! It is times like this that I wish my mother could be her nurse and give her her shots. She is so much better at it!

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  1. So cute!! She's getting so big! I would give the girls a little Tylenol before their trips to the doctor. That way it would kick just before they got their shots. Made it a little easeir for them to bare :)